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What will your donations be used for?

Check out the video below for my first major walk-through of the channel.

Currently my donations toward the shop are sitting in limbo at $300

For a deeper dive into this project check out this post from my blog 

For a detailed inventory of where the money is heading check out this blog post 

The big house thread starts here from X (Twitter)

Good morning all! For those keeping up on the new home saga: 1/2 of the property line along the back is opened up Now mowing about 1/2 an acre Removed the old H2O heater Found where a pipe froze behind said heater Late week I will pressurize the lines with air to check for leaks

7:25 AM · Jul 8, 2019·Twitter for Android

For a link to the thread Click here

Feeling generous?  Want to help a struggling artist?

Any amount helps as I am currently collecting funds to build a real shop!  if you follow me on X (twitter) you know my current work area is kind of tiny.

Current work room

That space in the back with the window is two meters (6 feet) wide.  Not seen is the one meter by two meter work bench that is just to the left of where the picture was taken.

For work that has been funded to completion check below the donate sources.

I understand links don't always work right for Venmo but here you go

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I can also accept crypto!


My drill press

This will be another recipient of funds as he needs a new motor.  He's in great working order for being made in the 1950s but sadly the motor wasn't too good when I inherited him.  (No the golf ball handles are not stock but they really help arthritic fingers.)

So with the help of a VERY generous donation of funds the drill press has been reborn!  New motor, less rust, new paint, not seen in this shot is the new modern switch mounted low and easy to kill.  Bonus it now has reverse!  Oh and yes the handles are all back on now.