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Space Trucker part 1 

Space Trucker part 2 

Disability Issues 1 

Stop the Shock 

Victim 18 A novel that is available on Amazon now, the link will take you to it.

A life changed in a moment leads our anti-heroin on an unexpected journey through her past and present as she searches out and destroys those responsible. The guilty chose the wrong pretty face this time as she uses her brains and her nerves to their fullest. Set in Saint Louis Missouri this fast paced story delves into both the perpetrator's lives and that of our anti-heroin.

Solitary Non-Confinement

This is a work in progress and will soon have a description here

Writings for Ordinary-Times

Ballot Zombies September 13, 2021

The Met Gala and that dress September 15, 2021

We are all journalists now September 22, 2021

Ballot Harvesting: Problem That Needs A Solution Or A Solution That Needs A Problem? September 24, 2021

Mystical, magical, blue-collar labor September 29, 2021

Always Prepared October 3, 2021

Stop The Shock Therapy: The FDA, The Law, And The Last Institution Using ESDs October 25, 2021

Restating: Rethinking states, cities, and redistricting November 8, 2021

Executive dictatorships November 17, 2022

Dead names and Santa's naughty list December 7, 2021

It gets under your skin December 28, 2021

Local Gets things done January 11, 2022

To Break Our Addiction To Oil February 6, 2022

Voting Via USPS

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Space Trucker is recorded. Art work is in production. When it goes up check here for the link!