Maura's Art

The copper rose

The one in the pics was a gift for a very special friend, I am however in the process of making more, so expect them for sale in the future.

Initial annealing of the copper, this has to be repeated frequently

There is a video with the hammering process but editing video is harder than hammering the copper to 1/3 as thick

First of the petal layout

There's a lot of petals

For size this is the largest petal group

The smallest of these did not make the final cut

Stacked and center peened, later I discovered the need for solder

The first folds

Starting to look like a flower

At this point the flower is shaped and you can see the effects of

Oxy-Acetalene on the surface

Now what's a rose without its leaves?

Not too bad for free handing with a Dremel tool. Those concentric lines are the mill marks on my vise!

So just how big is it you wonder? About 55mm!

So rather than one long pin that never latches right I opted for two pins

Here it is all ready to go to its owner. Obviously it has been deep cleaned and clear coated for a long life.

Solitary Non-confinement

This is the preliminary mock-up for the cover of a novel coming out Spring 2022(?)

Once I have the final work done I'll add it here as well.

Images availabe on products via my Red Bubble Shop.