Professional Background

I am currently employed, full time.  In order to get me to consider changing jobs you will need at minimum $40 per hour base pay, because let's face it, you don't get this kind of job history overnight.  Obviously I'm older--but not old--and as such only day shift and working weekends got old a long time ago so no weekends or holidays.

Also if you are interested I maintain this site myself so obviously I can handle technology.

I'm a motivated self starter with an entrepreneurial spirit and a drive to get things done.  I'm also one of those annoyingly cheerful morning people.  I have 36 years of management experience and 30 years of Project Coordination and purchasing experience in a commercial setting, from flooring, to wall coverings, to major structural repairs, I've quoted, purchased, and overseen everything from foundations, and structural steel, to roofing, and windows.  I've been involved in every aspect of building, office, and personnel, management throughout my career.  Under my diligence I transformed my department from barely able to finish a task to a 95 to 98% on-time completion rate with little to no rejection from our Facility director.  By modern terminology my title would be Facilities Manager.  I answered directly to our Facility Director as she was on-site.

I performed in department Human Resources tasks as well as scheduling a ten person crew 24/7/365.  I also provided coverage of the front office in times of need so I am well versed in office etiquette and dealing with end customers as well as internal customers and walk-in sales tours.

I am detail oriented, used to working in tight time frames, and a fast learner.  I enjoy learning and am always up to a new challenge.

Professional Experience:

April 2022 to Current

Properties Maintenance Manager

Working for a growing properties management company in the St. Louis City real-estate market.  I oversee the physical maintenance of over 60 different structures with over 180 rented units spread across the city and ranging in age from 140 years to 60 years so there are a lot of surprises.  I can tell you anyone who says "they don't build them like they used to" is correct as construction practices have become much more consistent and reliable.

I have added the following experience to my already lengthy background:

>Tuck pointing

>Plaster repair and replacement

>Drain maintenance--auguring and clearing

>Entering units that had been gutted by different property owners 10+ years prior and coordinating their reassembly for occupancy within tight budgetary constraints.

>Additional experience in the rhetorical question category such as "what where they thinking?!"  "what the ....?!"  "Why did you think this was a good idea?"

>Currently managing a 6 person crew that is being expanded to 8 by summer.

>My crew is diverse and handles all tasks of maintenance from ice/snow removal, to yard work, flipping units, roofing, painting, and cleaning.

>I regularly meet with City Building inspectors and rectify faults that they find.

Caring for Grand-child at home

July 2018 to April 2022

Reason for leaving: Grand child moving out of area and ready for public school.  Also due to divorce I need an income for myself.

Primary duties:

>Personal care

>Physical and fine motor skills development such as: tying shoes, penmanship, coloring in the lines, proper use of scissors

>Mental skills development such as home school instructor Kindergarten and first grade in all subjects

>Basic life skills education

>Have also experimented with my own YouTube channel over the last year.

>I also have built my own and a friends website, blog, and do all my own site maintenance.

Assistant Maintenance Supervisor/Facilities Manager

November 1993 to July 2018

Direct report to Facility Director

>Submit capital RFQs from new & approved vendors based on total cost, quality of work, & previous history

>Sourced MRO including, quoting, supplier selection, & issuing POs

>Developed inventory management system for department, including organization, distribution methods, & establishment of reorder points, from the ground up

>Verify maintenance invoices for accounts payable

>Responsible for personnel & resident safety protocols for the facility

>Sourced & stocked appropriate personal protective & safety equipment for facility

>Issued purchase orders for MRO & PPE

>Established vendor management practices that continuously maintained 95 to 98% on-time delivery

>Managed all outside contractors to ensure contract compliance

>Liaison for OSHA, EPA,  St. Louis County Health Department, fire prevention district, & fire suppression contractor

>Training of new personnel for maintenance department & across other departments, especially for standard procedures & safety compliance

>Supervision of local crew, including work order triage & delegation, conflict resolution, & technical assistance as needed

>Department liaison to on-site HR

>Scheduling of ten-person crew 24/7/365 plus grounds crew who's size flucuated seasonally

>Bi-weekly processing of department payroll

>Oversaw all MRO aspects of an aging 28 year old building

>Well versed in the aspects of a commercial structure that has significant new construction grafted to an existing structure

>Was on site as owners representative overseeing of a 50% size expansion to the building

>Very familiar with issues arising in MRO of a large multi-family housing system as each of the 214 units was fully equipped for independent living as well as dealing with commercial MRO aspects of the expansive common areas (Main dining room could seat 275 persons)

>Air conditioning, & refrigeration technician

>Addition of electrical circuits where needed in building, to finished walls with minimal harm to existing finish

>Complete installation of data, phone, & cable ports from trunk to user terminals and/or routers

>Fully trained in both hard and soft surface floor care

>Drywall repair and painting

Lead Porter RV dealer (Now Defunct)

April 1993 to October 1993

>Basic cleaning and preperation of new units

>Complete detailing and repair, inside and out of trade-in units to bring them to show and sell condition

Parts Sales Manager (AutoParts)

1988 to 1993 (Store Closed)

>Maintain and adjust inventory to meet corporate expectations

>Oversee parts counter sales staff

>Monitor for inventory shirnkage and ascertain where units went

>Use paper catalogs to research and supply parts to customers

>File coporate reports covering missing inventory

>Keep parts stocked for sales

>Offload and check-in parts from delivery


College: Bachelors Degree not acquired

Early on I tried to attend college, I was enrolled in Architectural Engineering when my son was born.

Through the decades I have followed the Samuel Clemmons approach and never let school get in the way of my education.

My MRO, construction & vendor coordinator skills were learned and honed over 24.6 years of working in a position as an Assistant Maintenance Supervisor.  My job description from that career today covers several fields but could more easily be defined as a Facilities Manager.  With on ground, hands on experience supervising, training, mentoring, and dealing with conflict resolutions of both end customers and personnel, in an upfront, right now format.


EPA section 40 CFR 8.2 Subpart F technician type Universal

Acquired June 1993 Does not expire

Other Skills:

>Can operate most Zero-turn equipment

>Can run a skid steer loader

>Competent operating most back-hoes

>Proficient with Oxy-fuel torches

>I can weld--stick welds are not pretty but they work

>Can operate a verticle mill

>Familiar with the operation of metal lathes

>Proficent in use of all woodworking equipment both hand held and stationary machinery